What is pre planning?

Should I accept an NDIS plan over the phone?

Early preparation is key to success with your first NDIS meeting. Individuals or their carers as relevant will receive a phone call to discuss their NDIS plan. As a result, there has been a growing number of participants demanding face to face meetings and a review by the Government to consider making face to face meetings the protocol moving forward. When you receive this call you should ask for a meeting date and time.

Do I really need to prepare?

Yes! During the planning meeting with the NDIS representative, individuals or their carers will be asked a range of questions in an interview that will take approximately 90 minutes. Preparation for this meeting is vital. You need to know what services and supports you are receiving now and what supports are missing. You will need evidence of supports, supporting letters from specialists, price quotes for potential equipment purchases and overarching goals that you want to achieve that are tied back to the disability.

In some cases, individuals will just need a continuance of existing supports and this is a perfectly acceptable way of entering into your first NDIS plan. Your plan will last for 12 months. You can amend it if necessary, however the goal is to review your plan annually.

What Are The New NDIS Terms?

With the introduction of the NDIS there are a collection of new phrases that we must familiarise ourselves with including core, capital and capacity building supports, support coordination, price guide and types of plan management. Core funding relates to the funding needed to maintain daily living such as domestic tasks, consumable items such as continence aids, meals and short term accommodation. Capital funding relates to equipment and home modifications this funding is not flexible. Capacity Building funding supports the individual to build their independence and skills for example behaviour therapy.

Are you missing out on NDIS Funding?

SAI Home and Community Care can assist with pre-planning so there is no need for the process to become overwhelming. Brief NDIS chats with our Manager are free however we charge $150 for our pre-planning sessions. This is because the plan that is prepared is extremely detailed. The cost merely covers some of our time. At the end of the planning session which is one on one and takes about three hours, you will receive a detailed plan that will support your child for five-ten years at future NDIS meetings. We will also coach you on how to get the most out of the planning meeting and be available by phone or email to answer any calls you might have. You can easily miss out on funding if you are not properly prepared for your meeting.

If you would like to go ahead with a booking for pre-planning or have any questions, please just phone 03 8785 0999. We look forward to meeting you.